Friday, February 8, 2008

Moving Thought and the Ybor Festival of the Moving Image

On Tuesday February 5th, Lauren and I went to Hillsborough Community College to interest in the art department about hosting Moving Thought. We first met with Suzanne Camp-Crosby who seemed interested in the project but recommended that we talk to David Audet. David Audet is the director of the Ybor Festival of the Moving Image, a film festival that is now going into its 6th year. We were lucky to find that Mr. Audet was on campus and we were kindly escorted to meet him. It had turned out that Audet had been contacted by Shane Hoffman, and was somewhat familiar with the Moving Thought Project. The three of us sat in the HCC cafeteria to discuss what could happen if Moving Thought were to become part of the Ybor Festival of the Moving Image. We discussed the possibilities bookmaking/printmaking workshops that occur on the HCC Campus. Audet suggested that Tracy Midulla-Reller might be interested in helping us set something up for HCC students. There was also talk of projecting video on and around the Moving Thought Vehicle. As we discussed the potential of our visit it was more and more clear that Moving Thought would be a perfect fit for the film festival, and tentative plans were made to include our mobile library on Thursday, April 17th and Saturday April 19th. The festival opens on the April 17th. During Audet would like us to perform activities designed more for the HCC students, and we will then continue with our project that evening in a manner that will highlight our time based media. We would be expected to return to HCC on the following Saturday to continue peddling our wares. Audet wants us to come on Saturday because that is when the general public is more likely to come; he said that Friday is a slow day at campus and would be less profitable. He also mentioned that he wouldn’t have a problem with us selling some sort of concessions. If we want to be part of the project we need to provide a detailed project description by the end of the month. I think that’s all for right now. I will follow up with Audet next week.

Jim Reiman

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